First efficient crypto greenhouse
  • Solar Power
    Our solar plant uses top grade PV panels and high efficiency inverters to utilize the maximum amount of solar energy.
  • Crypto Mining
    Mining farm is based on the latest 5nm technology ASIC miners that provide the most performance per energy spent.
  • Eco Greenhouse
    We have engineered unique greenhouse technology that allows to use the excess heat from mining equipment for heating
how it works
Our mining station produces Bitcoins and is powered by 100% renewable energy. All the heat generated by the mining hardware is used to warm the greenhouse. The station creates carbon-free Bitcoins and utilizes the excess heat to organic vegetables in a free heated greenhouse.
Alpha Energy Token
We give everyone a unique chance to participate. We have created a unique token holding which will give you a share from the total mined Bitcoins produced by the station. Alpha Energy token supply is fixed and only a certain share is open for the market. So, hurry! As, we also offer a guaranteed buy-back with a fixed price. Once purchased, you will have access to a personalized Alpha dashboard for monitoring and reviewing your daily revenues.
Sold: AE1
Total available: AE1
Available for sale: AE1
Invest in Green mining.
Buy and hold to earn revenue.
24 - month buyback program.
Only Limited quantity available
Revenue calculator
Enter the amount of USD that you want to invest in the station and you will see the investment information based on current mining data and Bitcoin price.
Amount (AE1)
Current token price (USD)
Profit per month (BTC)
Profit per month (USD)
Annual profit (USD)
Referral program
Join our referral program! Refer a friend and get a share of their purchased tokens.
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